Day 23

Day 23 was about lists, dictionaries and creating lists from lists and dicts from dicts

lists and list comprehensions
create new list from list

new_list = [new_item for item in list]
numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4
newer_list = [item+1 for item in numbers]

can also use if
new_list = [n*2 for n in range(1,17) if n % 2 == 0]

dictionary comprehensions
new_dict = {new_key:value for item in list}
new_dict = {new_key:value for (key,value) in dict.items()}

treat panda dataframe as dict

import pandas
student_dict ={
    "student": ["Miep", "Wouter", "Henk"],
    "score": [56,76,23]

student_panda_fram = pandas.DataFrame(student_dict)
for (index, row) in student_panda_fram.iterrows():


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