The VMware Labs flings monthly for February 2019

I am in full prep now for the biggest VMUG UserCon in the World: the Dutch UserCon. I will be doing a presentation with Hans Kraaijeveld about tools & flings (duh) for Horizon View.

This month there where three new fling releases and also three updates. The new ones are: PowerCLI Preview for NSX-T, USB Network Native Driver for ESXi and Workspace One UEM Workload Migration Tool. The ones who received an update are PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS, vSphere PKS Plugin and ESXi Embedded Host Client.

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New Releases

PowerCLI Preview for NSX-T

This Fling provides a community preview of the upcoming PowerCLI commands for NSX-T management. It comes in the form of a single PowerCLI module and integrates with existing PowerCLI modules.

All commands have been automatically generated. They are in an early stage of development, contain known issues, and will change in the future.

List of the most important known issues:

  • Retrieving an object based on its entire parent object does not work. To remedy this issue, specify the ID of the parent instead of the entire parent object. For instance, when calling Get-FirewallRule, use the -SectionId parameter to specify the ID of the parent section, instead of passing the entire parent firewall section to the -FirewallSection parameter.

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USB Network Native Driver for ESXi

This fling is pure homelab goodness!

USB has become one the most widely adopted connection type in the world & USB network adapters are also popular among Edge computing platforms. In some platforms, there is either limited or no PCI/PCIe slots for I/O expansion & in some cases, an Ethernet port is not even available. Another advantage of a USB-based network adapter is that it can be hot-plugged into an system without a reboot which means no impact to the workload, same is true for hot-remove.

This Fling supports three of the most popular USB network adapter chipsets found in the market. The ASIX USB 2.0 gigabit network ASIX88178a, ASIX USB 3.0 gigabit network ASIX88179 & the Realtek USB 3.0 gigabit network RTL8153. These are relatively inexpensive devices that many of our existing vSphere customers are already using and are familiar with.

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Workspace One UEM Workload Migration Tool

The Workspace One UEM Workload Migration Tool allows a seamless migration of Applications and Device configurations between different Workspace One UEM environments. With the push of a button, workloads move from UAT to Production, instead of having to manually enter the information or upload files manually. Therefore, decreasing the time to move data between Dev/UAT environments to Production.

Updated flings

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PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS

The PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS fling provides a preview of the new and upcoming PowerCLI cmdlets for VMware Cloud on AWS.



  • Added Remove-* cmdlets
  • Added/updated Get-* cmdlets based on latest VMC API definition

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vSphere PKS Plugin

Are you running PKS? Than the vSphere PKS Plugin might be a handy addition to your toolkit.


Version 1.0.2 – Build 224045

  • Adds support for PKS v1.3
  • Minor bug fixes

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ESXi Embedded Host Client

The latest and greatest features for the ESXi Embedded Host Client.


Version 1.33.1 build 12086396 (Fling 23) – January 31, 2019
OVF issues

  • Various fixes for ovf import issues
  • ISO files are now imported from OVAs


  • Fixed an issue with special characters in datastore names in some versions of ESXi
  • Fix swapped labels for transmit and receive in network chart
  • Network adapters are added to the vm in the correct order
  • Fixed issue with firewall notifications displaying incorrect information
  • provide notifications for expiring licenses
  • Support for Swedish input locale in the vm console
  • Display Fibre channel wwn and wwp as 64bit addresses
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