Horizon 8 released: Moar api’s!!

So yesterday every VMware EUC person was going wild because Horizon 8 was released. I won’t go into all the stuf that’s new because plenty of other folks have already done that (love the parentless instant clones though!). So what exactly are the new things looking from the API perspective? From the good old soap api’s I didn’t expect any changes and couldn’t find any either but a new api explorer page was published anyway. From the REST side a lot as changed. First of all here also a new api explorer page was published. Besides that an explanation of the API’s was actually posted on Techzone over here. On this page some excellent things can be found like there’s a swagger page now on your connection server: https://connectionserverfqdn/rest/swagger-ui.html as of now I haven’t found a way on the page itself to authenticate as you need an api key for the authorize button but that’s something I had requested anyway to make available.

But also a set of postman collections if that’s your preferred method to test api’s it has collections for all the Horizon releases that contained public rest api’s.

In the swagger ui it’s possible to browse all the api calls we can do and I’ll use that in later blog posts to actually do new things because I have seen a shitload of new possibilities!


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