My 100 Days of Code Challenge: done with the first week!

So the first seven days of coding for my 100 Days of Code Challenge have passed. I have already learned heaps from the Python course that I follow for the challenge but have also run into some walls where my thinking process brings me in the wrong direction. What I also notice is that I go a bit more advanced than the level the course currently is at because I google for some solution and try to understand that while there might be a more simple solution available that sometimes costs more lines of code. I do try to make sure that I understand what I use otherwise it doesn’t make sense to copy/paste some solution and seeing it work but having no idea on the why or how.

Not directly related to the code but the decision to do the course early in the morning works very well for me. It sharpens my senses for the rest of the day and when I sit behind my work laptop I am fully ready to go while normally I still had to get into the ‘production’ groove at that point. Sometimes I do need to finish the daily project after dinner but I don’t mind doing that. I always create the daily update page also at that moment so it’s a good combination also to refresh on what i have learned that day.

One thing that is related to code and what I have to get used to is that my coding during the day usually is 99% in PowerShell and I sometimes tend to confuse the 2 languages on how to do things at what point.

Good points:

  • I got a streak of 7 days
  • learned a lot
  • It’s fun
  • sharper for the rest of the day

less good things

  • confusing PS and Python code
  • I tend to over complicate things
  • I hate doing workflows on my pc, need to use my whiteboard
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