My #100DaysOfCode challenge: week 3

This week I learned about Object Orientated Programming, classes, modules, tuples and other things. I decided on skipping some days of the course because my goal of the 100 days is to learn new techniques to be used with Python. Some of the days are more about how to think in solving challenges than new techniques so I did look at the videos where it was clear that new stuff is being thought bit I do my own thing for the rest. I have also create a first version of a module to use the VMware Horizon REST API’s and blogged about it yesterday. On the positive side I learned that even though I was making long evenings with ControlUp’s yearly SKO I was still able to take in new information during my morning 100DaysOfCode ritual.

Learning points:

  • Even when making long days I can still take in new information during the mornings
  • I can’t be arsed to create code that I don’t care about
  • I still think this is a fun challenge
  • Python is cool


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