Horizon 8 2111 GA: What’s new in the rest api’s?

So just found out that Horizon 8 2111 dropped today and there have been some welcome changes to the rest api’s. Luckily VMware does have these covered by now in THIS kb article.

In short these are the changes:

Inventory : Desktop Pools
Create desktop pool
Update desktop pool
Delete desktop pool
v5 version of List
v5 version of Get
Inventory : Desktop Actions
Validate Installed Applications
Validate VM Names Info
Resume Task on Desktop pool
Pause task on Desktop pool
Inventory : Farms
v3 version of List
v3 version of Get
v2 version of Create
v2 version of Update
Inventory : Farm Actions
Add RDS servers to farm
Remove RDS servers from farm
Schedule Maintenance (and image management schedule maintenance)
Cancel Schedule Maintenance
Validate Installed Applications
Inventory : Global Application Entitlements
v2 version of List
v2 version of Get
Create Global Application Entitlements
Update Global Application Entitlements
Delete Global Application Entitlements
List Compatible Backup Global Application Entitlements
Inventory : Global Desktop Entitlements
version of List
v2 version of Get
Create Global Desktop Entitlements
Update Global Desktop Entitlements
Delete Global Desktop Entitlements
List Compatible Backup Global Desktop Entitlements
Inventory : Global Sessions
Send Message

so finally we’re able to create desktop pools using REST and to push a new image to rds farms. I will make sure to update the Python module ®Soon and create some blog posts on the new options.

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