Configuring Horizon 8 event database using the rest api

With the recent release of Horizon 8 build 2212 one of the new api calls available was that of getting and configuring the event data base. This time I will not use powershell but do everything from the Swagger page.

First of all I the used url is /config/v1/event-database and to get the current config (default in my case I use the GET:

To configure the event data base we actually need to use PUT and not post as there always is at least some configuration.

This is the model of the json that needs to be provided

As you this also contains a setting for the period that timingprofiler data is saved, this is a setting not available in the GUI!

I am running it using this configuration (no prefix and with many changed details) make sure to check the sql port as that’s incorrect by default, took me a few minutes to find.

the response should be a 204 as that indicates everything went well.

And a new get shows the new configuration

In case you want to clear the configuration there is a POST method against /config/v1/event-database/action/clear

a 204 is again fine and a get shows the empty config

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