PowerCLI Script to Horizon Desktop Pool machine counts & provisioning type

A long time ago in a galaxy far way I used to be a freelancer for ControlUp creating Script Actions and that actually helped me in securing a job with this great company. One of the first SBA’s that I made was one to change the amount of machines in… Continue reading

Script to send message to all Global Sessions in a Cloud Pod Architecture

So last year I shared a script to send messages to local sessions in a pod regardless of Cloud Pod Architecture being used or not. With Horizon 8 2111 one of the new features is that you can also send messages to Global Sessions in other pods. I have created… Continue reading

Powershell script to push a new RDS Farm image

For those of you who haven’t seen my demo last week at the VMUG EUC day I have created a new script that will push a new Golden Image to a RDS farm. The same API call can also be used to schedule a recurring maintenance but that will have… Continue reading

My recipe for a successful vExpert application

This was also posted on the vExpert blog here. One of the questions that the vExpert pro’s get is what people need to add to their vExpert application for it to be successful. While the things we do during the year are different for everyone, the first thing you need… Continue reading

Sending messages to Horizon Sessions using Powershell & REST api’s

Today I got the question from someone that they where trying to send messages to users but had issues with adding the session id’s to the json. I decided to make a quick and nice script that’s able to send a message to all sessions. This uses the standard functions… Continue reading

Creating desktop pools using the Horizon REST Api with Powershell

For years people have been asking, when can we start creating Horizon Desktop Pools using REST? The first years the answers was that there was no REST Api at all but since they added REST in 7.10 Horizon the answer was whenever VMware feels like adding this option. With the… Continue reading

Horizon 8 2111 GA: What’s new in the rest api’s?

So just found out that Horizon 8 2111 dropped today and there have been some welcome changes to the rest api’s. Luckily VMware does have these covered by now in THIS kb article. In short these are the changes: Inventory : Desktop Pools Create desktop pool Update desktop pool Delete… Continue reading

[HorizonAPI]Powershell Script to push a new Desktop image using the REST api.

I already blogged about pushing a new image using the Python module for Horizon but I decided it was time to also have a reusable script that is able to push a new image using powershell and the rest api for Horizon. The script that I created has 10(!) arguments… Continue reading

Horizon REST API + Powershell 7: pagination and filtering (with samples)

A while ago Robin Stolpe (Twitter) asked me if it was possible to find what machines a user is assigned to in a Horizon environment. To answer this I first started messing with the soap api’s and had a really hard time to filter for the user id with the… Continue reading

[API]New way to gather Horizon Events

A good bunch of my audience has probably already noticed it but with Horizon 8 release 2106 VMware has added a new method to gather Horizon Events: the AuditEventSummaryView query. In this post I will describe how to consume this query using the soap API. I have been told by… Continue reading