Public speaking

In the last couple of years I have had several speaking engagements. Not all of them have been successful but I do want to share them with you.

Dutch vmug usercon 2016  (Dutch, first time ever speaking in public, not that good)

vBrownbag VMworld US 2016  (first time in English, too short but overall not bad)

Dutch vmug Usercon 2017 (Dutch, perfect timing, pretty good)

vBrownbag VMworld EU 2017 (bit short, not too bad)

Dutch vmug Usercon 2018 (Dutch, awesome!)

vBrownbag VMworld US 2018 (Ran out of time, gif’s kept looping 🙁 )

VMware{Code{ VMworld 2019

vBrownbag VMworld 2019

Irish vmug 2020

VMware{Code} CodeConnect 2020 (Virtual)

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