Horizon 8 API changelog pages now available

Since several version in each VMware Horizon release notes pages there has been this mention:

This links to this page: VMware Horizon REST APIs (84155) for a while this page was updated with the latest additions to the REST api’s but I guess people didn’t want to do that anymore so that page now simply links to the API Explorer:

Since I used this changelog to decide on what I wanted to blog about I thought it was time to create a changelog myself. What I did was download all the swagger specifications and compare them. For reasons I had to do this in excel but at least I now have a nice source for this. (ping me if you would like to have the excel file). This result in a new menu item at the top of my blog with the changelog for every Horizon 8 version. Yes I know the rest api’s have been available since 7.10 but I decided to start with 8.0. Please use the menu on top of the links below to go to the changelog for the version that you would like to see.

Horizon 8.0 (2006)

Horizon 8.1 (2103)

Horizon 8.2 (2106)

Horizon 8.3 (2109)

Horizon 8.4 (2111)

Horizon 8.5 (2203) – no changes

Horizon 8.6 (2206)