VCAP6-DTM Deploy prep started

After VMworld I decided vcap6-dtm deploy would be my first real attempt at a vcap (I don’t count the design since 2 weeks prep impossibly is enough). In between the vcp7-dtm beta came around so the prepping for the Deploy exam really starts now. I am currently rebuilding my homelab for this since this wil take hours and hours of lab time. Some very good people have already attempted and failed this exam so i really need to take all the time I can get. To bad the blueprint isn’t available as a pdf but I copy/pasted the page from and it can be found here. I have downloaded most of the documents stated in there and those can be found over here.


Received the VCAP6-DTM Design beta exam result

Well as expected I failed this one miserably! I scored 183 where 300 was required while the scoring range is 100-500. Points to improve are all over the place so I guess it’s all back to the drawing boards while I’m still not sure if I want to do the deploy first or not.

Also I only hard from people whom also failed this Beta and no passes yet!